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missnay: Hey! Do you have any tips on getting internships with sportswear brands? I'm really interested in what you do, and I was just wondering how I would go about trying to experience it to see if it's for me. Thank you :)

I Think the best approach with sportswear brands or any brands in particular, would be to find the company you’d like to work for, call them up and request to speak to either Human resources, or the chosen department your interested in. Then simply ask if they carry out internships/work experiences.

I always feel that it’s best to speak to them/person on the phone first, so when you do email them after they can put a voice to the mail.


theophillus21: Hey I wanted to ask how you went from studying Biomedical Science to working from Puma? Plus you look amazing!


I interned interned and did more interning. Once I knew my heart wasn’t in a career in biomedical science, I began to do more research into other career areas and made it work.

Thank you very much :) 



We are officially 6 months into the new year… 6 months and 4 days… which I guess I can say is not really new anymore. Halfway in, a pivotal turning point now lays ahead, as we hope and pray that all the plans we faithfully wrote earlier on this year, begins to come to light, as we turn our words…

theeblackstar: Just discovered your Tumblr today... You look amazing and your style is dope! -From one beautiful Black woman to another!

Thank you kindly! This is the camaraderie I appreciate.

Blessings hun x 

thatskevs: I've just followed u on insta!

Thank you xxx