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brokenblackk: I absolutely adore your versatility!

amazing thank you x 

owariowari: Hi! I saw your pic submitted by blackfashion. It was one of your June 6th posts. Where you're wearing an oversized sports jersey and white sandals with an orange strap. I can't posts links in the ask, or else I would just link you the pic. I just wanted to know who your shoes are by??!! I love them! Thanks!

Hey the shoes are from H&M. They’re out of season now so your best bet would be eBay x

asdeadasoren: This latest look of yours is gorgeous!!!! I love everything. As usual, you pull it off!! You really make me want to try things outside my comfort zones when it comes to clothing!

Thank you this means a lot. Style is personal so get personal! Do fun things with it experiment :) x

izzie1600: Love your blog I always wanted to go to London yall style is dope I'm in the states Can I get a follow need some London style in the us.

Thank you!!

ipetitequeeen: Hey how did you find the biomedical course? X

In the beginning it was great I’ve always loved science but I lost interest in it towards the end. So I advise that whether degree you do make sure it will stimulate you for the duration of 3/4 years in whatever way possible xxx